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Hattrick for HAGENS with ABN AMRO, Omroep Zwart and Hello Gorgeous

HAGENS is starting a long-term partnership with two new clients: ABN AMRO and Omroep ZWART. Alongside that, the agency is starting a new campaign for Hello Gorgeous. The diversity of these new projects is in line with the mix of existing clients of HAGENS.

After a successful pitch, Hagens is now preferred supplier of ABN AMRO. Upcoming two weeks, the agency will be working on every theme the bank deals with. Among these are innovations in products and services, sustainability, diversity, and inclusivity.

Besides that, the agency started working together with aspiring Omroep Zwart. The first project was the development of the new positioning, which is in line with the broadcasting status that Zwarts has had since January. Hagens supports the broadcast this year with their campaigns and PR activities.

Gianni (Grot) Lieuw-A-Soe, co-founder of Omroep ZWART: “It is very nice to have the enthusiastic and proactive team of Hagens PR at our side during this adventure. The knowledge and expertise are worth gold, and their active thinking is important, especially in this phase of Omroep ZWART. I look forward to what lies ahead for our collaboration.”

Also Hagens is working on a project for Hello Gorgeous for the upcoming months. Hello Gorgeous is a foundation committed to normalizing living with HIV. They do this by fighting the stigma. Hagens is responsible for the pr campaign around the opening of the new exhibition.

Sarah Hagens, founder of HAGENS: “I am proud, no very proud, to add these beautiful brands to our list of clients. They are all characterized by the willingness to innovate and stimulate progress. Besides that, these brands recognize themselves in our vision: always take people as the starting point in strategies instead of data.”