Beeld & Geluid opens doors of the new Media Museum

Last weekend, Beeld & Geluid opened the doors of the world's most interactive media museum in which the visitor's (social) media life is completely central. The museum adapts live as visitors conduct acts, so no one experiences the same museum journey, and it offers a look-through into the future.

The year 2006 not only marked the opening of the previous museum, since then the media landscape has also changed dramatically. The advent of smartphones and YouTube caused an explosion in social media use. Beeld & Geluid saw a reason to build a completely new Media Museum. The museum’s five zones – Share, Inform, Sell, Tell and Play – show how we live in media today. In each zone there are interactive tasks to do and clips to see that interpret the media of the past, present and future, such as building a game to discovering how surreptitious advertising works. 

But after all, without a past there is no future. The new media museum gives access to the Netherlands’ largest media archive in all its colorful facets. Finally, you get the chance to get close to Nikkie de Jager’s unparalleled Eurovision dress. Or maybe you’d rather watch the first episode of Telekids back?

HAGENS’ founder Sarah Hagens has contributed as a member of the Advisory Board in designing the spaces of this special, brand-new museum. Go see it!

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