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There is accounting for taste

Beer is no longer ‘just’ beer. Today the world of beer encompasses everything from a simple lager to an almost culinary experience. It’s a gigantic labyrinth of styles, flavours and ways of brewing and ageing. The true beer geek is never satisfied. There’s always a new, special beer that’s just a little bit different than everything else. Vatgerijpt (barrel aged) is a red letter day for these beer fans. This is Hertog Jan’s crown jewel: a series in which their Grand Prestige beer is aged in barrels originally used for other alcoholic drinks including whisky, port and wine. How could we ensure that genuine beer geeks contribute to the image of Hertog Jan as an artisanal, high quality beer brand?

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    Long before the launch date we start whetting the appetites of beer connoisseurs working in the media. In line with the flavour or the beer style of that year’s release, we developed care packets with brand agency The Valley. These were carefully distributed amongst press and influencers, without compromising the exclusivity of the limited edition.


    The launch of Vatgerijpt in 2021 was a huge success (and it tasted great too). The beer sold out in 29 minutes. Besides beer geeks and aficionados, Hertog Jan appeared in lifestyle, food and business media, who highlighted the skill and knowledge of the Hertog Jan brewers. To crown it all, in 2021 we won a silver Effie for impactful proposition.




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