A gender-equal Netherlands

Imagine that you bought 1 bitcoin ten years ago. Today you’d be sitting on a small fortune. Let’s explore another hypothetical situation. Ten years ago the Netherlands became totally gender-equal. Would that have been just as good an investment? ABN Amro wanted to make people aware of the importance of an equal playing field. Instead of looking to the future, we turned the question around: what would the Netherlands be like today if gender equality had been achieved in 2010? And what would that mean in terms of prosperity and wellness for individuals and families?

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    The scientific research agency SEO Amsterdam Economics simulated what the Netherlands would have achieved if the country had been completely gender-equal since 2010. The results are detailed in a 58-page report bursting with conclusions, recommendations and action points. The most important conclusion? A gender-equal society would make everyone in the Netherlands better off, to the tune of €10 billion a year. Just by equally dividing paid and unpaid work between men and women, the Netherlands – without anyone working one hour more – would generate €10.8 billion more GRP a year. Every household would benefit by €1000 a year.


    The study was featured in prominent Dutch media including the Volkskrant, AD and het Financieel Dagblad. Chantal Kortweg (director Inclusive Banking at ABN AMRO) and Nicole Reimink-Böttger (responsible for diversity and inclusion at ABN Amro) visited BNR radio and contributed to the bank’s thought leadership. On social media the study’s most important conclusions were shared by prominent people and organisations including politician Vera Tax (Labour Party), Pascalle Grotenhuis (Ambassador for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality) and WomenInc. Just as significantly, internally at ABN AMRO there was positive, proud feedback to the bank’s action on this subject.



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