Enjoy a new season of Sisi on NPO Plus

The juice jumps off the screen in the new season of Sisi on NPO, the Dutch Public Broadcasting company. With extramarital affairs, war, mental problems and the pressures of strict court life, shows the other side of the - seemingly romantic - Austrian fairy tale.

After Sisi and Franz Josef’s daughter dies at the end of season one, the birth of their son – and heir to the throne – should make the couple’s happiness complete again. Yet dark clouds hang over the Austrian empire in the new season. German chancellor Otto von Bismarck threatens to draw Austria into a war, and when Sisi travels to Hungary on a political mission, Count Andr├íssy steals her heart. The new season therefore marks the start of a turbulent period in the empress’s life.

It was up to HAGENS to introduce the new season to the Dutch press. And how! Together with Koffietijd, Televizier and LINDA. we travelled to Vienna to attend the world premiere of season 2 and got the chance to interview the cast. In addition to the interview, which can be seen back in the Koffietijd episode, the Dutch royalty expert Justine Marcella also joined the table to talk about the life of the Austrian empress. Several titles such as Vogue, Franska, Nederlands Dagblad, JAN Magazine, Beau Monde, Televizier, Nouveau and LINDA. wrote about the new season as well.

Haven’t watched it yet? Both seasons of Sisi can be watched via NPO Plus.