Team Hagens is free on Keti Koti

Almost 150 years after the abolition of slavery, July 1 is not yet a national day of remembrance and celebration in The Netherlands. As Team Hagens, we have a day off to celebrate freedom, remember the victims and show obedience. Are you free as well?

Every year on July 1 Keti Koti takes place. The day when we commemorate the history of slavery and celebrate its abolition. For us it is very important to dwell on the colonial past of the Netherlands. Because the consequences are still visible in today’s society. Despite years of discussion, July 1 is not yet a national holiday in the Netherlands. We think it should be, because the history of slavery is also part of the Dutch history. Therefore, we act accordingly and make July 1 a day off at Hagens.

Stichting Nederland Wordt Beter, FunX and The Black Archives started a petition with the goal to make July 1 a national holiday. Sign the petition at