Viva La Limburg: Hertog Jan launches Grand Prestige Vatgerijpt with French flavors

After months of patience, Hertog Jan launches the sixth edition of the exclusive Grand Prestige Vatgerijpt. This year, the brewery from the province of Limburg took inspiration from French, burgundy flavors and had their crown jewel aged for months in various wooden barrels from France.

The origins of Grand Prestige Vatgerijpt this year are in four different French regions. The brewers traveled to the southern country to select the finest barrels and filled them with Grand Prestige in Arcen. In the brewery’s barrel cellar, the beer was given time to rest and develop its flavor. After months of aging, the brewers created four special flavors: Bordeaux merlot, Cognac, Armagnac, and Calvados. The result is a Bière du Soir, a beer for the evening, with which the brewers not only enrich the beer with French influences, but also bring a French tradition to Limburg.

Master brewer Micha Peute: “If they know anywhere what a burgundian evening looks like, it’s in France. When I traveled there together with master brewer Gerard van den Broek, the inventor of barrel-aged, we quickly agreed that this time we wanted to mature our crown jewel in the old Bordeaux merlot, Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados barrels. Drinks with a rich history that enrich our Grand Prestige with special flavors.

After winning an Effie with last year’s campaign, team HAGENS was once again given the honor of developing a PR strategy & approach around the launch. In recent weeks we gave a select group of media, influencers and beer lovers an exclusive preview of Vatgerijpt 2022 which resulted in beautiful articles from Entree Magazine, Chapeau!, Foodies and Van Franse Bodem, among others.