House of HIV exhibition looks back at 40 years of HIV initiatives

Today the doors of House of Hiv open. The community exhibition looks back on 40 years of coping and living with HIV in the Netherlands. Team HAGENS was commissioned to make the - mostly unexposed - stories visible behind 40 years of HIV initiatives.

Since the HIV epidemic broke out in the Netherlands four decades ago, numerous initiatives have been set up by the Dutch HIV communities that had an impact in the response dealing with HIV in our country. The exhibition House of Hiv tells through various rooms about forty years of living and dealing with HIV and shows these mostly invisible initiatives to the general public for the first time. 

Although HIV is no longer a threat to public health, there is still a stigma attached to it. One of the goals of House of HIV is to break this stigma, both within vulnerable groups who benefit from HIV treatment, and in a society where there is often still an incorrect image about HIV.

The rooms will be filled with (historical) imagery, art and photographic works by Basse Stittgen, Erwin Olaf and others. House of HIV is a house under construction and this exhibition also marks the beginning of archiving the history of Dutch HIV activism.

The exhibition will be on display from August 19 through September 9, 2022 at various locations in Amsterdam. The various rooms will be set up in the buildings of Prostitution Information Center (PIC), Mainline, Hiv Vereniging, IHLIA, Black Queer Archives, Trans United and Tetterode. Check the website for more information and locations.