The documentary series ‘Kanaal Sociaal’ follows family caregivers

About 5 million people in the Netherlands give informal care to relatives or loved ones, but who actually cares for them? The new Dutch HUMAN documentary series Kanaal Sociaal follows six people who care for a loved one.

Kanaal Sociaal brings the squeaky and creaky Dutch healthcare system under attention. Drastic policy changes in recent decades have made family caregivers the mainstays of our healthcare system. Directors Nelleke Koop and Stephane Kaas expose the shortcomings in the six-part documentary series. Through interviews with experts by experience, policy makers, scientists and care professionals. Meanwhile, six family caregivers (Seval, Louise, Mariska, Piet, Elly and Marloes) exert themselves nonstop for their loved ones and the care takes an ever-increasing toll: will they ever get their own lives back? 

Caregivers Marloes and Seval told their stories on Koffietijd. Mariska joined Op1 and was interviewed by Wendy. LINDA. also wrote weekly about the episodes of Kanaal Sociaal.

Curious? The six episodes can be viewed via NPO Start.

Directed by: Nelleke Koop, Stephane Kaas and Marinka de Jongh
Producer: New Ams Film Company