Loop launches Engage earplugs

Belgian earplug brand Loop has developed special earplugs for noise-sensitive people. Loop Engage facilitates speaking, listening, and networking in noisy places.

Research conducted by the brand among their consumers found that many of them, especially highly sensitive people, suffered from the so-called occlusion effect when using earplugs. Occlusion is the technical term for the head-under-the-water feeling that most earplugs cause, where your own voice and other sounds seem to echo in your head, making it difficult to carry on a conversation. 

To provide a solution to that, Loop developed the new Engage earplugs. These have a circular acoustic channel with a newly designed mesh filter without a membrane, which significantly reduces the occlusion effect. The earplugs reduce up to 16 decibels, eliminating unnecessary noise, and with the Engage Plus you can further reduce this by an additional 5 decibels.

Earlier, the brand developed the Loop Experience (18 dB) that protects hearing from loud noises at festivals and concerts, and in addition, Loop Quiet (27 dB) provides coverage for complete focus and sleep.