Loop Earplugs brings hearing protection to Dutch festivals

The festival season finally started again this summer. And after two years of not being able to go to festivals, you would almost forget how loud the music sometimes can be. To bring the importance of good hearing protection to the attention of partygoers, team HAGENS started working on a PR strategy.

Team HAGENS has been working with Belgian earplug brand Loop since this year. With the return of all music events, the focus in recent months has been on the Loop Experience earplugs. These are specially made for festivals and concerts and were previously named best earplugs for concerts by New York Times. The filter technology provides high-quality and comfortable hearing protection without sounding dull. And honestly: with the innovative design, they look really good, too.

Good hearing protection is important for preventing hearing damage, yet not everyone wears (the right) hearing protection at festivals and concerts. To underline the importance of this, we worked together with various audiologists and brought the Loop Experience earplugs to the attention of various media. This ensured that Loop did not go unnoticed this summer. MAN-MAN included it in a list of ultimate Father’s Day gifts, Grazia wrote about the launch of the Loop X Tomorrowland Experience earplugs and Metro published an article about choosing the right earplugs in collaboration with audiologist Jan de Laat. Let’s go Loop!