Edson Sabajo (Patta) ADCN’s first President of the Year

Edson Sabajo is the President of the Year of ADCN. The co-founder and owner of streetwear label Patta is taking the helm for one year in the first installment of the President role. ADCN is looking forward to seeing his ideas for the organization's creative agenda for the coming year.

With Sabajo as the President of the year, ADCN is planning to discover many creative worlds, unite them, celebrate them and simply learn and grow together in 2022. ADCN finds inspiration in Sabajo’s positive attitude, interdisciplinary working methods and focus on community building – together creating the ideal conditions for creative growth. Sarah Hagens, our founder and also a member of the new board, will lead this vision for ADCN’s Media and PR. 

Sabajo’s goal as the President is to inspire the Dutch creative community with a yearly theme – a vision to the path of creativity and what it can reach. In the coming year, Sabajo will complete his vision in four acts: publishing an essay as an intro of his theme, hosting a creative event, an open competition for the special Presidents’ Award and by conducting a masterclass. 

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