Solidaridad opens Signastore during Black Friday

Today is Black Friday, the day when brands stunt massively with sky-high discounts. These discounts make it impossible to pay a fair price for raw materials, workers, and production. To fight for a living wage for textile workers, Solidaridad opened the Singastore this week.

At the pop-up in the Utrecht shopping street this week, Solidaridad is collecting as many signatures as possible for the ‘Good Clothes Fair Pay’ petition, a European citizens’ initiative that Solidardad has joined. The petition asks Brussels for new European legislation which is a first step towards living wages.

At the Signastore, visitors don’t sign their scribble on a standard A4 sheet. They put their signature on walls, benches, and other pieces of furniture in the space. Artist JanisdeMan was the first to put his signature at the opening of the Signastore. With this action, Solidaridad wants to show that you can make more impact together to achieve solidarity legislation for textile workers.

The Signastore was highlighted by numerous media, such as NOS and RTV Utrecht and LINDA., as well as several influencers put their signature on the t-shirt they were sent. HAGENS was responsible for the PR campaign in this great collaboration with Kumpany.
Also put your signature for a living wage? You can still do so via this link.