Solidaridad opens a dessert restaurant with fair desserts

This week Solidaridad opened the doors of the temporary dessert restaurant "Bittersweet”. Here only the most delicious, honest, and sustainable desserts were served by chef Max Ferrari Scanarotti. Because did you know that behind many dishes on your plate is secretly a bitter story of exploitation and poverty?

Every day we consume ingredients used to make desserts, such as bananas, cacao and coffee. Yet we don’t always hear the bitter stories behind these products. With the ‘Bittersweet’ restaurant, Solidaridad wants to create awareness about the story behind our daily groceries and offer people tools to make fairer choices. 

Team HAGENS brought the story behind Bittersweet to the attention of media and influencers. Several journalists paid a visit to the restaurant and several influencers were sent a food box with which they could get started at home with various fresh recipes.