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Hertog Jan Vatgerijpt 2021 nominated for a SAN Accent

A cherry on the cake for our admirable campaign for Hertog Jan! The fifth edition of Grand Prestige Vatgerijpt has received a nomination for a SAN Accent Award. Team HAGENS was responsible for the PR during this extensive campaign. Vatgerijpt 2021 received lots of attention and was sold out within 30 minutes. That achievement is now even double rewarded with this nomination.

Every year, the brewer originated in Limburg creates a unique twist to their Grand Prestige by letting it mature in barrels of a different type of drink. Last year, the brewers traveled to Portugal to find the best barrels for Vatgerijpt 2021. For this edition, the beer has matured for 12 months in Portuguese barrels. The brewers filled the old and carefully selected barrels of Port Tawny, Moscatel, Madeira, and Aguardente with the Grand Prestige. They enriched the Limburg beer with signature Portuguese flavors and created the Paradox van Zoet.

HAGENS created the PR strategy around the launch of the Grand Prestige Vatgerijpt 2021. With both the free publicity and the influencer campaign, we drew attention to Vatgerijpt before and during the launch. It resulted in excellent publications in national newspapers, lifestyle magazines, and specialized media.