The local guide in the Netherlands

It’s unlikely that anyone in France knows who Tino Martin is. Or that you can probably count the amount of people in Uruguay who listen to Geuze en Gorgels on one hand. Just like every other form of popular culture, music and podcasts are usually culture and country specific. Just because something’s on Spotify, doesn’t mean you’ll like it, or that you even know where to find it. It works both ways.

An international giant like Spotify also needs local knowledge – someone who can guide them through the intricate network of Dutch trends, culture, media usage and events – so they can improve Spotify for the Dutch consumer. But who? HAGENS PR, that’s who.

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    We’ve been Spotify’s boots on the ground for five years. We’re their eyes, ears, antennae and voice. Press inquiries, media and influencer contacts, national and international campaigns, spokespeople, data analysis, newsletters and above all – tips for new music and podcasts. You name it, we’ve done it.


    You know those annual lists of which tracks and artists are most listened to? The ones that everyone and their mother shares on social media? Of course you do. Spotify Wrapped is now so big and ubiquitous that mainstream Dutch media like de Volkskrant, de NOS, het Jeugdjournaal, and Trouw pay extensive attention to it. But also, for example, the launches of exclusive podcasts from Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen and Harry and Meghan also make the news in the Netherlands.



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