NPO examines dealbreakers in relationships following The Stamholder

For almost half of (late) twenty-somethings, it is a dealbreaker if their (future) partner takes a different side in a world conflict, has different views on marriage or has an opposite desire for children. This emerges from research conducted by NPO in collaboration with PanelWizard and HAGENS on the topic of the new series 'De Stamhouder'.

De Stamhouder is largely set in the 1970s, a time that, like today, is characterized as a period of ideology, world conflict and individualism. In the series, Ellen (Sallie Harmsen) finds out that her lover Alexander (Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen) concealed that his family has a Nazi past. She is very troubled by this and subsequently breaks off contact.

NPO asked HAGENS to provide additional depth to the series through PR. With the goal of making The Stamholder and the story behind it relevant to a wide range of media, also beyond the sections of film, TV and entertainment.

In collaboration with PanelWizard and HAGENS, NPO conducted research to find out the extent to which the dealbreakers Alexander and Ellen faced 50 years ago parallel those of today. In research, two age groups, 25-year-olds today vs. 25-year-olds in the 1970s were presented with the same statements about insurmountable obstacles in (future) relationships. It was found that 45% of the younger generation and 52% of the older generation would not start a romantic relationship with someone who takes a different side in a world conflict.

Various media – from news to lifestyle titles – saw a reason to write about it. Among others Quest, Nederlands Dagblad, FHM, Marie Claire, Famme, Metro and Noordhollands Dagblad published an article about De Stamhouder. In addition, Flair interviewed a couples therapist to explain the research results and the dating dilemmas she encounters in her work.

The eight-part historical drama series De Stamhouder can be seen every Sunday on NPO 1 at 9:30 p.m. until the end of this month, but the entire season can already be binged on NPO Plus.

Source photo: AVROTROS/Dinand van der Wal